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Secure your tickets

All three ticket categories entitle you to the essential features of XPOMET Medicinale 2024!

Tickets can be purchased online at a discounted rate until July 31, 2024, 11:59 PM. Please note: If you have a special voucher code, you must redeem it by this deadline as well. From August 1, 2024, tickets will be available 'only' online or at the on-site ticket counter, subject to availability, at the regular higher box office price.


People from the XPOMET© Community have different financial means. With the three types of tickets, we take this into account.

Next Generation individuals pay less for admission compared to Baby Boomers, assuming that younger people have lower financial means.

People with disabilities can bring a companion to XPOMET 2024 for free. Upon request, a complimentary ticket for a companion will be added for each ticket.

Why a Business Ticket?

With a Business Ticket, you'll get access to some perks, including::

  • VIP dinner the evening before – XPOMET 2024.
  • Fastlane at the entrance.
  • Access to Business and Speaker Lounge.
  • Your Business and Speaker Lounge experience includes complimentary drinks, and catering is naturally provided on both days of the event.
  • Exclusive information point within the lounge..
  • Guided Tours.

Group Tickets - Up to 35% OFF

Companies, institutes, universities, training facilities, hospitals, clinics, medical networks, medical care centers, and nursing homes. We hope we haven't forgotten anyone!"

When acquiring group tickets (applicable to groups of 5 or more), substantial discounts are applied for both legal entities and private groups. It's only fair!

The following group discounts are available:

5-15 people 15%
16-50 people 20%
51-100 people 30%
over 100 people up to 35%

Don't hesitate to reach out regarding group tickets using the contact address provided below. Our XPOMET team will promptly respond and assist you personally with the booking process.

Vaishali Uniyal

Project Manager

Your FAQs answered

How do I receive my ticket and invoice?

Generally, we send an invoice for each ticket purchase with the net amount and specified value-added tax via email or PDF file.

Tickets are sent to you immediately via email and PDF attachment upon receipt of payment.

Certainly, there will be an accreditation counter available for you at the event, allowing you to collect your ticket. Either way, your entry is assured!

Do fees apply when purchasing tickets, why not?

Fees are essentially just hidden costs for you in the end.

All prices provided are inclusive of VAT and all fees. Fair is fair! We guarantee that.

Which payment options are available?

You have the option to complete your order using credit card, PayPal, Giropay, or instant bank transfer.

A purchase on invoice is also possible. In this case, the ticket/tickets will be sent only after the purchase obligation has been settled.

An error occurred during my order. What do I do now?

While our ordering system is generally robust with few errors, if any issues arise, please reach out to our ticket team using this contact form. Our colleagues eagerly anticipate your inquiry and are ready to swiftly resolve any issues you may encounter.

Is it possible for me to order a ticket for a third person?

In principle, we distinguish between the recipient of the invoice and the recipient of the ticket. Therefore, purchasing a ticket for someone else is permissible as long as the billing recipient is specified, and they are aware of or have approved the transaction.

The other option is to purchase a ticket for yourself and later transfer it to another person. This is possible with us but requires coordination with our organizing team. If you're considering this, just go ahead and contact us.

How can I cancel my order?

Cancelling tickets for XPOMET 2024 is not possible.

In the event that XPOMET 2024 cannot proceed as planned, we will provide timely information on available options for a refund.

Now, the good news: You can officially transfer your ticket to another person. It doesn't matter to us whether you pass the ticket on to a colleague or sell it to a third party.

You can find out the exact procedure by contacting our organizing team through this contact form.

If I haven't received my ticket after placing an order, what should I do?

After your order and invoice have been delivered, and payment is complete, we usually send a PDF ticket to your email. Please check your spam folder, as it might end up there.

Im Grundsatz kannst Du Dir natürlich auch vor Ort auf der XPOMET Dein Ticket ausstellen lassen, also ist Dein Eintritt auf jeden Fall gesichert. Wenn Du vorab das Online-Ticket “in den Händen” halten möchtest, kontaktiere bitte unser Organisationsteam über dieses contact form. Our colleagues eagerly anticipate your inquiry and are ready to swiftly resolve any issues you may encounter.

Is it necessary to present identification when opting for more affordable ticket types?

First and foremost, we love our community! We've set the ticket prices low, and we've tried to make the ticket selection as easy for you as possible. In principle, we also do not require proof of professional activity for on-site accreditation. Simply because the effort outweighs the benefit, and there's no room for distrust at XPOMET!

NOTE: To make use of the affordable Next Gen Ticket, it could be advantageous to have your ID or student ID with you. Just in case someone from our team feels like asking :-)

Is there an option to attend XPOMET at no cost?

You have two options:

  • Join as a volunteer
    Vor, während und nach der XPOMET sind wir auf die Unterstützung von freiwilligen Helfer*innen angewiesen. Als „Volunteer“ erhältst Du Zutritt zur XPOMET an allen Veranstaltungstagen. Du unterstützt uns an einem Tag Deiner Wahl für ca. 8 Stunden, natürlich inkl. Verpflegung während Deiner Einsatzzeit. Wenn Du hieran Interesse hast, kontaktiere bitte unser Organisationsteam über dieses contact form. Our team is looking forward to having you!
  • Join as a speaker
    Über unseren „Call for Participation“ (CfP) kannst Du Dich für einen eigenen Talk, einen Workshop, einen Diskussionspanel oder eine andere Aktion bewerben.
  • Hardship cases
    Some of us are in challenging situations that don't require further explanation here. If you find yourself in such a situation, please approach our organizing team, and we'll address it together. Please contact us at the following Link.


Our community is at the forefront of innovation in the healthcare system. Ever was and will be!

XPOMET acts as a bridge between worlds. This is extremely important because a patient in Asia and in Europe equally deserves access to healing. We learn from each other here.

“Coming together is the beginning.” – Henry Ford.

Gurjit Singh

Indian Ambassador (a.D.)

The rising number of individuals in need of treatment in Europe and globally poses a significant challenge. There is an urgent need for innovative solutions on a global scale. XPOMET has undertaken the important task of providing a forum for these solutions.

Robert Möller

CEO Helios Group

The importance lies not only in technology itself, although it may appear so. The industry is primarily called upon to provide tailored solutions for the genuine and prominent challenges of our time. XPOMET can make a valuable contribution in this regard.

Dr. Stefanie Lipsky

Siemens Healthineers